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If you're looking for the best how-to information on light tackle fishing, you've come to the right place. Mike Gardner was born and raised on the Southern California coast. He's been a successful deckhand, tournament professional, fishing periodical publisher, and fishing guide. More importantly, Mike is a teacher- he enjoys nothing more than Through his lifetime of fishing experience, Mike has developed a technique using light line and artificial baits that consistently bring in the fish- lots of them!

This web site has a wide variety of information and opportunities for you to improve your fishing skills:

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Mike's first book, Fish Have No Hands, and his video "Trophy Spotted Bay Bass", provide in depth looks at Mike's techniques. A lifetime of experience and helpful tips are available to you now at your fingertips. This technique will work anywhere for all types of fish- fresh and saltwater! The book and video make perfect gifts for your favorite fisherman, and they're fantastic teaching tools for beginners and pros alike. Who knew catching loads of fish was really this easy? Click Here for more information and purchase options.

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Want to meet Mike in person and pick up a few pointers? Here's a calendar of events that Mike will be participating in this year. Check back often, as schedule changes and new events are updated on a regular basis.

Need some help really fast? Click Here for a .pdf file of Mike's top fishing pointers. These hints will put you in the that select 10% of fishermen that catch 90% of the fish.

  "WARNING: Fishing can be addictive and hazardous to your wallet!."
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